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PRECC races weeknights on Tuesdays from 7:00pm to 10:30pm

1st June 2016

2016 AGM and GT Challenge

The Annual General Meeting was held last night (31/5/2016). The elected committee is President – Peter Ogden, Vice President – Nathan Fontana, Secretary – Jon Le, Treasurer – Dale Shelton and Race Director – Andrew Laughlin, with General Committee members – Ian Murray, Ross Chisari, Dave Dalton and Lloyd Croan.
Thank you to the volunteers that will help the club continue to grow through the next 12 months.
The GT Challenge was also held, with some very exciting, close racing. In Sportsman class, Andrew Laughlin took the honours as well as Top Qualifier, followed by Lloyd Croan in second place and Tony Gibson third. In Stock class, Ken Isbister took the 1st place trophy, followed by Kevin Duffy in second and Jon Le in third. Jon Le was also took Top Qualifier.
Ian Murray took out the Concourse trophy with his beautifully done Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 in Team Petronas livery.

11th May 2016

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting will be held on 24/05/2016. Due to ill health, our long standing Vice President Robert Clarke will be standing aside and will not take nominations for re-election. Rob has been an outstanding Vice President and committee member for many years, helping out in many roles, even while not being well enough to be able to race himself! The club will not be the same without him in the role.

As per the club constitution, all committee positions are vacated at the Annual General Meeting and must be re-elected. I strongly encourage members to nominate for the committee. It is not unduly onerous and is vital for the continuation of the clubs 36 year long history. We need people to fill the roles of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Race Director and General Committee (five to ten members). Executive Committee members must have been members for 12 months or more to be eligible. The President must have attained 12 months as a Committee Member to be eligible for election.

8th May 2016

2016 GT Challenge

In conjunction with the club Annual General Meeting on 24/05/2016, PRECC will be holding our inaugural GT Challenge qualifying (5 qualifiers). The finals will be held the following Tuesday 31/05/2016 (1 qualifier and 3 finals) and trophies will be awarded on the night for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class. No additional fee is required, only the normal race fees.

We are looking for scale realism – GT bodies similar to those seen racing in the Le Mans GTEAmerican Le Mans GT and GT3 series (but not the GT Prototypes). There will be a concourse judging prior to racing and a trophy will be awarded for the best on show. You will be expected to race the body that you show (no shelf queens!).

There will be two racing classes (only) – Sportsman and Stock. All the normal rules regarding motor size (21.5 turn for Sportsman, 13.5 turn for Stock), ESC, tyres, weights and heights will be the same as per the standard Sportsman and Stock Touring classes. Only the permitted bodies will differ.

Please fill in the entry form and get it to the President (Peter Ogden) on or before the 17th May 2016. Get out there and prepare your GT body and show off your car!

6th April 2016

PRECC Cup Entries

The PRECC Cup qualifying starts next week (12th April). So far we have a pretty dismal number of entries – 2 Sportsman + 1 Novice, 3 Stock (though 2 of those have indicated that they may run with Mod), plus 3 Modified drivers.

With these numbers there will only be sufficient numbers to award first place trophies (and only if the 2 Sportsman drivers drive with the one new novice driver that I convinced to enter Sportsman as there isn’t an official novice class).

If you haven’t put in an entry form and intend to race, please fill out a form and email it to me at peter.ogden@hotmail.com.au ASAP.

Don’t forget, there is no reason to not enter – it will only cost you normal race fees ($20.00 per person per night) to run.

3rd April 2016


Get your cars prepped! The PRECC Cup qualifying will be held on 12th April, with the finals on 19th April. Sportsman, Stock and Modified classes. Will only cost your normal race fees ($20.00 per person). If you haven’t already filled in your entry form, they are available on the club web site: PRECC Cup Registration.

Also, now is the time to start thinking about getting a GT body prepared for the GT Cup in May. There will be a concourse competition for the best GT on the night.