On-Road Classes

Here at PRECC we race according to the rules provided by the Australian Association of Radio Controlled Model Car Clubs (www.aarcmcc.org).

We race on rubber tyres except for 1/12th (which run foam tyres) and vehicles are primarily classified according to the motor power level. In some instances, certain technologies are restricted in order to provide a more controlled power system and is generally aimed towards helping beginner drivers learn the sport. In addition to the AARCMCC classes, PRECC runs an entry level class tailored specifically to the needs of its newest drivers.

Classes other than those listed below will be considered, given sufficient numbers interested in the class.

Class Descriptions

Tamiya Mini

Although this is no longer a sanctioned race class offered by AARCMCC, as long as there are sufficient numbers, PRECC will continue to run this class. Its main emphasis is on low cost, affordable and fun racing.

The chassis in this class is restricted to a front wheel drive front motor chassis – Tamiya M-03 or Tamiya M-05

Sportsman Touring

This is the first of the all-wheel drive touring car classes and considered to be the entry class for new racers.

This is a sanctioned AARCMCC racing class and is offered by PRECC as a means to ease the entry of beginner drivers into the on-road race environment.

This class emphasises learning the skill of driving a vehicle around the track and also encourages drivers to learn good race etiquette.

Stock Touring

The second of the AARCMCC sanctioned touring car classes and drivers are allowed to run a more powerful motor.

Drivers in this class have the challenge of piloting a faster vehicle around the track.

In this class racers get to apply their knowledge of car setup to take advantage of track conditions and improve their skills.

1/12th Scale

These little cars run an even faster class of motor in a very light weight chassis.

The chassis are deceptively simple “pan” car chassis with a solid rear axle and two wheel drive. These cars run Le Mans prototype style bodies and rely heavily on aerodynamics to produce very high cornering speeds.

This is also an AARCMCC sanctioned class.

Modified Touring

The most experienced drivers are found in Modified Touring where the power system for the most part is unrestricted.

Incredible acceleration and insane speeds are obtained by cars in this class requiring a high degree of skill from its competitors.

All aspects of racing is tested here from a driver’s ability to control the huge power to having the right car setup and even their maintenance regime.

Basic Class Rules

Tamiya MiniHobbywing 13T (3000kV)Hobbywing 25A or 35A 2S LipoRubber – Mini SizedOpen – No 1/12th
or Touring Cars
2WD – Front
ROAR Approved
No Boost or Timing Advance
“Blinky” mode
2S LipoRubber – 24mm Width190mm
ROAR Approved
ROAR Approved
No Boost or Timing Advance
“Blinky” mode
2S LipoRubber – 24mm Width190mm
ROAR Approved
1/12th ScaleNo Limit
ROAR Approved
No Limit1S LipoFoam – 13mm Width to 40mm Width174mm
ROAR Approved or IFMAR Approved
2WD – Rear
ModifiedNo Limit
ROAR Approved
No Limit2S LipoRubber – 24mm Width190mm
ROAR Approved

Note: complete class specifications can be found on our Rules page.